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Pink Quill Plant - Tillandsia Cyanea

Pink Quill Plant - Tillandsia Cyanea

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Tillandsia Cyanea, also known as the Pink Quill, is a funky houseplant with year-round greenery and a bold centerpiece. Its curving leaves are vibrant green and frame a long-lasting pink bract that looks like a quill. During the summer, it blooms violet flowers, but they only last a few days. As part of the Bromeliad family, this variety is a fun and resilient houseplant that will add some flair to any space. It's a tropical rainforest native, so be sure to give it a spritz between waterings and place it in a well-lit area with indirect sunlight.

Nursery Pot Size: 9cm

If purchasing a concrete pot, the size required for this plant is 10cm+


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