The Health Benefits of Plants ūüĆĪ

The Health Benefits of Plants ūüĆĪ

Nothing adds more positivity and comfort to our home and workplace than plants. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office desk... There's something for anywhere. Just add light (sometimes not much is needed!) and water, and you've cracked it. Bringing plants into your home is more than just aesthetically pleasing, they also have strong health benefits as well!

Not only are they super pretty, it has been proven that indoor plants keep you healthier and happier, offering both psychological and physical health benefits that include:

  1. Improving your mood

  2. Reducing fatigue

  3. Lowering your stress and anxiety levels

  4. Improving your work performance and focus

  5. Boosting healing

  6. Improving air quality, leading to less headaches

  7. Easing dry skin and respiratory problems due to dry air

Many of our houseplants absorb toxic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene, found in man-made materials that are known to "off-gas" pollutants into the air in your home, school, and office.

Indoor plants improve air quality in other ways as well. They release water into the air, which increases humidity, and in turn this helps improve respiratory and skin health. This can be an huge benefit to those with respiratory issues or who suffer from headaches, and allergies!

Plants also increase oxygen levels in the air meaning they actually improve our mood, energy, and mental focus. Studies have found that when people were allowed to have indoor plants in their office space, their work performance improved!

So... Not only are they beautiful, they also help you feel better, work better and let's face it, who wouldn't want a house full of wonderful plants? 

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